Postulant Reflection

Pope Francis, in his Bull Misericordiae Vultus, described the mercy of God as a never-ending, loving concern for each person. I have felt this mercy in a deep and special way throughout my life, but a particularly strong encounter with God’s love took place on March 19. On this day, I was received as a postulant into the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth, after having journeyed as an affiliate for over twelve months. The previous several weeks had been a time of spiritual and emotional preparation for me as I tried to help myself become as aware as I could of what becoming a postulant, and becoming a Sister of the Holy Family of Nazareth in the Holy Spirit Province, would mean. It was particularly meaningful for me that I would be received into the congregation on the solemnity of St Joseph, a saint who is particularly special for me.

I was received as a postulant in a beautiful prayer ceremony held at Our Lady Queen of Poland convent, Marayong, where I was privileged to be joined by the sisters from that community and from our surrounding convents. A very powerful moment of the ceremony was when I said, with all the sisters, St Augustine’s prayer to the Holy Spirit, while each sister extended her hand over me in blessing. I felt in this moment, and throughout the ceremony, that I was truly giving myself to Jesus, to our Mother Foundress, and to my sisters in the Holy Spirit Province and all around the world. It was such a powerful, stirring and exciting feeling. Sr Grace Rocławska, Provincial, gave me several symbols of my postulancy: a medal, a book of meditations, and several books on the life of Mother Foundress, our Blessed Martyrs, and Servant of God Sr Małgorzata. She then presented me to my pre-novitiate director, Sr Małgorzata Kozub, with whom I had the great privilege to work closely as an affiliate. Following the ceremony we all experienced a wonderful time of joyful fellowship. I loved just being with sisters and talking with them, as well as sharing an array of beautiful cakes!

I truly see the work of God, and His mercy, present in my life and in my beginning as a postulant. Every day I am so thankful, and often truly amazed, that God has shown me such mercy in leading me where I am – in leading me to Nazareth and to a deeper encounter with Him. It is with deep gratitude that I look back on my call to Nazareth, on the particular events and people that led me to where I am today. It is with very real joy that I look towards my future.

Written by Sr Sophie Boffa CSFN, postulant

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