New Provincial Administration

January 8, 2017 was a significant day in the life of Holy Spirit Province – the commissioning of the new Provincial Leadership Team for our Australian Province. In the presence of the majority of the Sisters from the Province, the “torch” was being passed from the previous Provincial Administration: Sr. Grazyna Roclawska – Provincial Superior, Sr. Joanna Zarzyczna – Assistant Provincial, Sr. Anita Litwin – Provincial Councilor, Sr. Jean Wojcik – Provincial Secretary / Councilor, Sr. Lucyna Fraczek – Provincial Treasurer / Councilor, to the new group:
Sr. Lucyna Fraczek – Provincial Superior
Sr. Alicja Drabik – Assistant Provincial
Sr. Grazyna Roclawska – Provincial Treasurer / Councilor
Sr. Rita Marie Apura – Provincial Secretary / Councilor
Words of thanks were offered to the previous administration for their years of generous service, as well as to the new team for their willingness to take up this ministry, carrying on the legacy begun in this land over 60 years ago.
Sister Angela Marie Mazzeo, General Councilor, was present in Australia to take part in this important event as a representative of the General Administration. During the specially prepared Eucharistic Liturgy, the new Leadership Team was commissioned, with each Sister promising to utilize her gifts and abilities in ministry to the Province and its Sisters, serving with energy, imagination and love. Following this part of the ceremony, the newly appointed/elected local leaders were then also commissioned. To conclude this ritual, all the Sisters present extended their hands asking God to bless each other with the words, “Heavenly Father, you have chosen us to be your beloved people, and have gathered us to live in this Province. Give your blessing to each one of us. Guide our actions by the light of Your Spirit, and help them to work for Your honor and glory and for the benefit of all Your people. May the Holy Family, Jesus, Mary and Joseph, be with us! May they help us, teach us and bless us at every step and at every moment. Amen”.
Sr Angela Marie Mazzeo


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