30th December 2017 was unusual day! This afternoon a lot of people came to our convent. Someone asked: “Why, what’s up in the convent?” People were different ages and different nationalities. They came, because they wanted to celebrate with us Solemnity of the Holy Family.
Every year we celebrate, but every celebration is special. This year we invited families, our friends and youth to enjoy with us our Feast Day. Our celebration started in the chapel. Fr Jose Manjaly celebrated Holy Mass in the intentions families. Together we said thank you to Jesus, Mary and Joseph for our family and asked the Holy Family to protect our family in daily life.
After that we had break time for a cuppa, for sharing and for fun! We had a big cake, because it was our Solemnity. (A solemnity celebration isn’t a true one without a cake!) We really express appreciation to Mrs Marietta Gomes for her nice cake. It was unbelievably delicious. Thank you so much for everybody for the sweets and presents given to us.

The second part of our celebration was in the chapel again. We had an Holy Hour of adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. We prayed in the intentions our Catholic Church, Pope Francis, priests, religious and families. Family is very important for whole our society. When we have a healthy family, consequently we have a healthy, more spiritual stronger people in society. They make our world more beautiful and we have a less problems. During our Adoration, we said together an act of consecration to the Holy Family. We finished the Adoration by saying together our daily prayer to the Holy Family:

“O Holy Family, bless and protect all the families of the world; safeguard their unity, fidelity, integrity and dignity. Enable them to live according to God’s law that they may fulfil their sublime vocation. May their lives be a reflection of yours and may they enjoy your presence forever in heaven. Amen”
I would like to say from bottom my heart “Thank you so much to everybody for coming, for praying together and for supporting us in our daily life”.


by Sister Paula Volchek








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