Although we can’t see God, our image of Him does affect the way we relate to Him. I have three images of God: Protector, King, and Healer.
When I was little, my Grandmother took care of me because my mother worked. She treated me like God by protecting me, and caring for me in so many ways. As a result a special bond grew between us. When I think about this relationship, it images God to me. My first image of God is that of Protector.

My next image of God is that of Lord and King. From my early novitiate days, I wanted God to be King and Lord of my heart. That is how I address Him in my meditation and private prayers.
The third image of God is Healer. I endured two cancers and survived them thanks to the prayers of so many people for me. God not only heals us physically, but more importantly spiritually and emotionally. This is promised to a believer in the Scriptures. Because of His faithfulness He will keep His promise. God leads us out from our sinful ways, bad attitudes, and addictions to transformation into His likeness. Such healing gradually occurs over a lifetime.






Sister Jean Wojcik

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