I would say that the highlight of ACYF for me was being with the sisters. I think singing spontaneously in the train and at the platform was a gift of the Holy Spirit. We all know and have at the back of our minds (if you are like me) that there are people out there who might be offended but that didn’t stop us. The hype from ACYF and being with each other must have given us the courage to do what we did.
Another experience that stands out for me was speaking to a young woman who struggled to reconcile what she just experienced in her heart and what her mind was telling her. I felt honoured to be trusted with her story and admired her courage to believe that she might get an answer from a stranger. I took this experience as a sign that the young people see us sisters as someone they can talk to and ask guidance from.

I heard some young people in my region say that even just being with other young people freely expressing their faith was truly inspiring for them. So I would think that that is one of the things they got out of it, having that oneness with other young people and the courage to express their faith. Recently, I read a post on Facebook from a young woman who attended the ACYF. In her post, she was asserting her place in the Church and I believe the event reassured the young people that they have a place in the Australian church now as well as in the future.

I wish to share with my community and on the provincial level the hope that I experienced from ACYF for our young people in Australia. The young people need our support and guidance. The ideas that we had at our Provincial Gathering gave us a good start already, but I also recognise that I have to start myself if I expect others to do the same.

Sr Christina Ramada

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