A silent, flickering flame burned out,
As “life” coaxed me down to one knee.
No sound, no cry, no breath was heard,
The day that my mother left me.

Near eighty-eight years her life-force burned bright.
Her smile lit the room with true glee.
Her gentle kindness unlocked many a heart….
and her gift of love was the key.

But her body grew thin, as the years took their toll.
And her eyes struggled, merely to see.
Till her Lord touched her tongue and oil soothed her brow…
Then, her loving God set her free.

“I’m happy”, she said as we listened to hear.
And she kissed the hands of the three:
Two daughters, a priest and others around,
A special gathering of family.

Then days of silence and painless sleep,
Prepared her for what was to be:
Her journey home to the one she loved,
The God who created “Thee”… Thea.

Written by: Rosanne Sinclair 27 October, 2017
Mum received Last Rights: 7.30pm, Wednesday, 18 Oct. Died 10.45am Wednesday, 25 Oct.
May She Rest in Peace

Your empty chair looks so lonely now,
sitting there all on its’ own.
Its’ silent heart seems so heavy,
as if carved from granite stone.

The evening light through the screen-door,
appears to search for your face.
It seems to have no knowledge,
that you’ve gone to another place.

The ticking of our lounge-room clock,
Now beats for your absent heart.
Stating with every rhythmical tick,
a new reality’s about to start.

You now dwell within hidden sphere,
where your flesh will feel no pain.
Where your spirit lives in mystery,
till we’re destined to meet again.

I love you, Mum, and miss you so,
it’s hard to say “good-bye.
But your empty chair’s now assuring me,
in my heart you can never die

Written by: Rosanne Sinclair 20 November, 2017


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