On the 30th October 2018, the newly built classrooms of St Andrew’s Primary School were blessed and named after Sr Josita Paczkowska. The religious ceremony was led by the Bishop of Parramatta, Bp Vincent Long. The occasion gathered many distinguished guests: former principals of the school, Greg Whitby- Director of the Catholic Education Office, Stephen Bali, Mayor of Blacktown, Kevin Conolly – Member of Parliament for the Riverstone, builders, architects, parents and friends of the school and number of the Sisters of the Holy family of Nazareth. The students and teachers led us through a moving ceremony. The speech of the Acting Principal of the School, Kim McDonald, summarise very well the background of this occasion and highlights the significant impact Sr Josita made at school and parish community at the name of her service.

A closing speech delivered by the Acting Principal of St Andrew’s Primary School, Kim McDonald on the day of naming the new classrooms after Sr Josita Paczkowska:

“It’s interesting for you to know how the name of the building was decided. On visiting with Monsignor Ron to talk about the Opening and Blessing Monsignor Ron proposed that the learning space be named after Sr Josita- a Sister of the Holy Family of Nazareth, teacher and passed Principal of our school. He spoke fondly of all the work she had done, I learnt that she was a hard worker yet very humble, and he told me that even today she was held in very high regard by parents and parishioners. Sr Grace from the Sisters of Holy Family of Nazareth came to speak with the children in the first week of this term and told us that Sr Josita was kind, friendly and caring, loved speaking with people and was a good listener, enjoyed eating sweets, loved children, was an inspiration to others, enjoyed decorating sacred spaces, loved nature and classical music and most of all was faith filled -prayerful – loving liturgies. With those qualities it was most fitting that our learning space be named after Sr Josita.

The Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth the founding order of our wonderful school. We thank you for your dedication and commitment in establishing the Catholic learning community of St Andrew’s. Our great school is what it is today because of the strong foundations you laid. We thank you for your continued support of St Andrew’s school and parish. Thank you.

Finally, to our students- never doubt that we are so very proud of you. All of our learning spaces and particularly the Sister Josita learning space gives you the opportunity to use the potentials and talents that God has given you. Let our school continue to be a place of excellence where you meet challenges and persevere, where you are curious and explore and probe why and how– where you have a burning desire to learn. Where you remember and follow the example of Sister Josita – to be kind and caring, to work hard, to respect so as to be respected, to be prayerful, to be a good listener and an inspiration to others. This is the hope of your parents and teachers.”

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