The 25th year of my religious life holds many memories, experiences, encounters and transitions. I would like to share a few of them with you.

It all began in February 1993. The Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth in Czestochowa, Poland organized a retreat for young women who felt called to the married life. That was me! So with a school friend, I attended this retreat with the hope to confirm my desire and to meet Alina, a mutual friend of ours who was a postulant in the Congregation.

Alina was the highlight of this retreat. I observed how happy she was and thought that she was the luckiest person because she found her place in the world. And here I was still looking for love, dreaming about my future husband, children, house, and job. For me, everything was uncertain.

When the retreat was over and the convent door closed behind me, I realized that something changed yet I didn’t know what it was. My mind was filled with many questions yet no answers. I felt puzzled, surprised and confused with the sudden thought of returning to the convent to be a nun and at the same time filled with a huge fear to do so.

During the next four months God and I had many battles. I read stories about women and men who experienced a wave of peace after making their decision to respond to God’s call to a consecrated life. I expected God to acknowledge my choice with peace like I read about in these books, yet I felt unsettled and restless. I tested the intentions of my heart over and over again and to my dismay discovered that I did not make a decision to respond to God’s invitation– I made an agreement with God.

Then in June of that year, something happened! I was walking through the meadow watching the sun shining through the clouds. As an unexplainable peace flooded my heart, I felt an overwhelming joy of being chosen. It was then that I entrusted my whole life to Jesus.

Soon after this unforgettable experience, I contacted the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth in Czestochowa, prepared all the required documents and on the 27 July 1993, Mother Maria Teresa Jasionowicz, general superior, accepted me into the Congregation. I was home at last.

Over the years I traveled many highways and byways, some in the light of the day others under a cloud of darkness. I do not fear losing my way because I remain certain of the everlasting companionship of Jesus my spouse and Good Shepherd.

Now, here I am in Australia celebrating my Silver Jubilee.

How creative and unimaginable is God’s love!

To be continued….

Sr Bogumila Malikowska

1 thought on ““You are the One Chosen by God” 1Peter 2;9

  1. Hi Sister Bogusia.
    Simply beautiful real story of calling God ,to serve ,and work for people. Congratulations on 25 years of service “Silver Jubilee”

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