Just over a month ago, four Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth flew to Perth to take part in the Australian Catholic Youth Festival! It was a joyful and enriching experience not only for the young pilgrims who had gathered from across Australia, but also for our Sisters. Sr Joseph Mazur says: “Flying to Perth was dear to me for two reasons. Once more I felt the heart of Perth echoing in my heart, remembering my fruitful time there. Secondly, I was called to be of service to the young pilgrims who came to the Festival to witness the powerful breathing of the Holy Spirit in the Church.”

Over the three days of the festival, our Sisters Joseph, Paula, Christine and Sophie operated a stall in the Expo Centre. Pilgrims were invited to come to the stall, where they could talk with the sisters, pray, play games, ask questions, or collect information about our Congregation. Sr Joseph explains that “Everyone was welcome…often people came back and expressed their gratitude.”

The joyful spirit of the youth was significant for our Sisters. The young pilgrims had come from all across Australia, for different reasons. Maybe some were strong in their faith, while others did not have a close relationship with God or with the Catholic Church. It was uplifting to see them enjoying the vibrant energy of a speaker or a musician, and then be moved to complete silence during prayer. Praying with the youth, and witnessing their kindness to one another, was important for Sr Joseph. For her, these “left an unforgettable imprint on my heart and memory, revitalising the spiritual part of my being.”

Our Sisters were grateful to be able to share in this beautiful encounter with the young Church. Together with the youth of Australia, we look forward to ACYF’21! Come, Holy Spirit of Youth!

Article produced on behalf of our ACYF pilgrims by Sr Sophie Boffa, CSFN.

Sister Joseph playing Twister with the youth.



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