On Saturday, 29 February, a small group of Associates of the Holy Family gathered together for their bi-monthly time of reflection, prayer and fellowship at Marayong convent. This time, the spiritual input was facilitated by Sr Grace Roclawska csfn, who led those present through “From Invisible to Invincible – Embracing God’s gift of Years”, a workshop offered by the Institute for Mission in the Diocese of Parramatta. The participants, joined by Sr Alicja Drabik and Sr Jean Wojcik and welcomed briefly by our Provincial Leader, Sr Margaret Kozub, were led through the process of sharing their stories and learning from one another. Here are some of their responses to the feedback sought at the conclusion of the day.

What moment/activity of the workshop was most impacting you and why?

The submission to God’s will and acceptance, because I don’t do it often enough.

Prayers in the company of people who love God.

The symbol of tree of life, video clips, the centering prayer – they touched my soul.

Sharing in the group in a reflective manner.

At 90 I still have dreams to achieve and can constantly create.

It was for me a new way of looking towards the future.

What one action would you like to take as a result of your participation in this workshop?

To pray more and feel God’s presence more intensely.

To become invincible, recommend this workshop to others.

Reach out to other people in community.

I would love to see it in our Southern Cross village community.

As usual, the summit of the gathering was the celebration of the Eucharist. Mass was celebrated by Fr Oliver Aro, from Quakers Hill parish. The day concluded with stories shared over lunch of pizza and pide. It was a great opportunity for our Associates and sisters to listen, to learn, and to connect with one another in joy and in prayer.

Summarised by Sr Grace Roclawska

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