Be God’s Instrument In The World

My name is Sr Christine Marie Ramada and I work as a Wellbeing Counsellor for the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta (CEDP). Currently I look after 2 schools, a high school and a primary school. I have been with the CEDP since last year but prior to this I was in a similar role working for the Catholic Schools Office Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle for three years.

I love working with the young people. I am also passionate about helping others, especially helping them to become the best version of themselves that God created them to be. This ministry gives me the opportunity to do both. Being trusted with people’s stories is an honour for me but seeing students thrive is also one of the greatest moments I experience in this ministry.

No two days are the same for me. However, most days you would see me counselling a student or meeting with parents and/or teachers. At other times I would be running group sessions with students. It really depends on the needs of the school at a particular time.

My dream is to continue to journey with the individuals in my care as God’s instrument. I hope that as I work with others, I will always listen to the Holy Spirit – the true Counsellor. As a psychologist, I cannot impose my faith and my belief on anyone; but God can still work in their lives through me.