Jesus is Risen, He’s alive!
Remember what He said,
He would suffer, He would die,
He would rise from the dead
Cease doubting and believe.

“Fear not,” said the angel, robed in dazzling white,
To the puzzled women
who were there at morning light.

Believing without seeing,
Can be sometimes very challenging
There can be dark moments in our lives
When God seems so far away…and we seem to be on our own all the way
Lord Jesus, in those dark moments, may your gentle words echo in our hearts:
Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe.
And through the power of those words, we will cease doubting and believe.

The Lord has risen amidst the splendor of the morning sun.
The stone’s been rolled away, though it weighed a ton.
Let me join the choirs of Angels and praise with one accord,
My Jesus, my Friend, my Saviour, my Risen Lord!

Cease doubting and believe…
He destroyed the power of death and gained Eternal life,
For all who turn to Him away from sin and strife.
Jesus triumphant in Glory, the One whom we adore.
He is risen, Alleluia,
Jesus lives for evermore.

By Sr Rita Marie Apura

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