The Holy Family of Nazareth

The Holy Family was a special community of persons. Joseph, the just man, and Mary, the Handmaid of the Lord, held their son, Jesus, at the centre of their lives. He was the focal point for all their thoughts and actions. He linked them together and united them as one. Mary and Joseph served Jesus with love, and gave him primacy in their lives. Jesus, Mary and Joseph were completely obedient to the will of God and His action, trusted in Divine Providence, and lived lives of generosity, mutual love, and spiritual unity.

We strive to make God the centre of our lives, to continually seek His Will and His Kingdom, and to love Jesus with an undivided heart, just as Mary and Joseph did. Through the example of the Holy Family, we learn to be open to the actions of the Holy Spirit, to be sensitive to God’s inspiration in our lives, to be ready to experience deprivations and hardships, and to continuously discern God’s Will for us on the communal and individual levels.

We believe that, just as God awaited the FIAT of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, so too does He await our YES to be ready to cooperate in His plan and to live in mutual love. From them, we learn silence, solitude and contemplation in order to hear God speaking in all the circumstances of our lives, and to follow His voice.