Our Identity

Called to Be One Family A Small Part of a Bigger Picture

We, the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth are an International Congregation of women religious committed to cooperating with Jesus Christ and with His Church in spreading the Kingdom of God’s Love among ourselves and others, particularly within families.

From this brief statement we, as Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth, find focus and meaning for all that we are and do. In our World, the integrity of  family life is generally tested on a day to day basis, whether we live in a family of parents with young children, parents with older or adult children, siblings living adult lives connected and united by the bonds of family, or families of choice where individuals come together to unite for the purpose of mission.

Family is about the way we relate to each other: it is about connectedness, it is about fruitfulness, it is about living life together. In real family life the challenges are vast and constant as we grow and change individually and together….we never quite know what lies just around the corner.  This was true for the first ‘Holy Family of Nazareth’…and it remains true for us today! The life of Jesus, Mary and Joseph at Nazareth remains our core vision for our Congregation and for the World. In the face of constant challenge and change in family life, in the face of difficulty and even threat of destruction…. the Holy Family of Nazareth stands as witness to the power of Resurrection. Faithful Love was the heart of Nazareth life and led to Jesus reaching out to others of His time with authentic love that was tested even to the point of death. Such love has power to save and to create a new reality, rooted in love. This was the vision of our Foundress when she established our congregation and it remains the vision of our Sisters today.