Provincial Treasurer

Sr Grażyna (Grace) Rocławska

Sister Grace was born in Gdynia, Poland. In 1991 she entered the Congregation – Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth Krakow Province. Professed her Final Vows in 1998.

Her ministry in Poland included the teaching and pastoral work in a number of schools and parishes.

In early 2000 Sister discerned the possibilities of her ministry for the Congregation and volunteered for Congregational Program for Mission resulting in her transition from Poland to Australia in 2004.

Since her arrival to the Land Down Under, she learnt not only the language, but also the stories of the people. She was engaged in the various province ministries to families in the field of childcare and aged care. In 2009 moved into the pastoral work as Youth Minister and Sacramental Coordinator in the Diocese of Parramatta. From 2011- 2016, Sister assumed the role of the Provincial Leader, while continuing her part- time engagement in ministry. From 2017, Sister Grace was asked by the General Administration to become Provincial Treasurer/ Councillor for the Holy Spirit Province. She enjoys music and cooking. She loves sharing her passion for Christ and His church with others.