Our Mission


The mission of Nazareth was defined by our Mother (blessed Frances Siedliska) in the first Constitutions of the Congregation as follows: “The purpose for which this Congregation exists is to cooperate with Christ and His Church in the spreading of the Kingdom of God’s Love that was brought down from heaven by the Son of God. This Kingdom, which first blossomed miraculously in the Holy Family, is to be cultivated and spread within the Community and among others, particularly within Christian families.”  Our present Constitutions, referring to the spirit of the Foundress and the contemporary teaching of the Church, define the mission of the Congregation as follows:

We, the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth, an international apostolic Congregation, believe that the Holy Family of Nazareth:

  • three persons in communion with God and one another,
  • obedient and faithful to the will of God,

Reveals to us the profound reality that God is present in the most simple and ordinary experiences of human life”.

Our mission in the Church is focused on our ministry to family.  Mother (blessed Frances Siedliska) understood family as the basic unit of society as well as of the entire human family. Following her example, we respond to the needs of the Church and families wherever the Congregation sends us. We recall the message of Pope John Paul II, addressed to the Nazareth sisters: “The ministry flowing from her charism embraces a variety of services and commitments. I would like to stress and sensitize you to that aspect of your ministry. Today the family must be helped because it experiences many difficulties and is exposed as never before to many dangers, manipulations and attacks. I ask you very ardently, dear Sisters, to concentrate your efforts on the family and to do your utmost according to your possibilities, conditions and circumstances in which you accomplish your mission. It will be your concrete and very important contribution to the new evangelization.

Our various experiences of daily life, prayer and sacrifice accepted in the name of our mission are priceless treasures in the task of spreading the Kingdom of God. Among the various ways of fulfilling our mission, spiritual collaboration, prayer, sacrifice and witness are the most important. Through prayer, the preached Word of God bears fruit by God’s grace. We try to connect our prayer with sacrifice so that the redemptive value of each suffering, accepted and offered to God with love, be rooted in the Sacrifice of Christ. He calls the members of his mystical body to participate in his sufferings and to “fill up what is lacking in the afflictions of Christ” (Col 1:24).  We remember that we participate in the mission of Jesus not only through our active engagement in the apostolate but most of all by being conformed to Christ. Only then, our witness becomes effective and reliable.  “Indeed, more than in external works, the mission consists in making Christ present to the world through personal witness. This is the challenge, this is the primary task of the consecrated life! The more consecrated persons allow themselves to be conformed to Christ, the more Christ is made present and active in the world for the salvation of all. Thus it can be said that consecrated persons are “in mission” by virtue of their very consecration, to which they bear witness in accordance with the ideal of their Institute.

Way of Love, Ratio Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth